Rodney Tang

General Manager, Royal T Group


Mr. Rodney Tang, co-founder of Royal T Group, graduated from Monash University,
Australia and the University of Chicago, United States with an MBA major. He has
prior experience as an executive of a well-known international enterprise. With his
great enthusiasm and obsession for the food and beverage industry, Rodney
founded Royal T Group in 2009 and introduced famous bubble tea from Taiwan that
very year, leading a bubble tea trend in Singapore.
In 2017, Rodney led the team to establish Singapore’s No. 1 home grown bubble
tea brand, LiHO TEA. In 2 years, LiHO TEA has opened more than 100 stores in
Singapore, laying a deep impression in the hearts of Singaporeans. Since its
establishment, LiHO TEA has branded itself with a vibrant and youthful image. The
continuous innovation to create new drinks is also paired with creative marketing
ways. In just 2 years, it has expanded from Singapore to other parts of Southeast
Asia such as Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam.
In this past 10 years, Rodney has led the team to constantly innovate, creating new
brands. With a precise market positioning, clear business philosophy and high
expectations, Royal T Group established 11 high quality food brands, which brings
rich and diverse food choices to all food lovers.